Via Firenze, 78
48025 Riolo Terme, (RA) ITALIA
Phone: +39 0546 71001

CANTINE TURRINI wine producers since the 1950s

The Story

The company is named after its founder, Turrini Valdo, who started his own business in the late 50ies.
The story is very much similar to the one of all small companies: Turrini bought grapes from local producers and made small quantities of wine for the national market.
In 1980 his son, still Director to this day, joined the company and its name was changed to CANTINA TURRINI VALDO E FIGLIO. This marks a radical overhaul of the company's identity: from a family-run set up to a more industrial-scale modus operandi. As the years went by, storage capacity increased considerably, the purchase of grapes was discontinued in favour of grape must for the production of bulk wine destined not just for Italy, but major EU countries too. The company embraced a path of growth which over time led Cantina Turrini towards a definitive transformation and consolidation as one of the leading companies of the sector. Today Cantina Turrini occupies a surface area of 60,000 sqm and has a storage capacity of 80 million litres.